The parking industry is transforming. Gone are the days of laying out a huge lot of spaces and letting the consumer have at it. Today, facility managers are working to create a smarter, better business that supports their end user and their revenue stream. Implementing a parking guidance system is a huge step in that direction.

What, exactly, is a parking guidance system? You can probably deduce a lot from the name. These systems are designed to guide drivers to available parking. But that’s not all! They also make it easier for drivers to find their vehicles upon returning to a facility and give facility owners and managers better tools to improve every aspect of their operations.

Parking guidance systems come in a variety of styles. Ultrasonic or camera-based detectors are common to determine if a stall has already been occupied. That information is usually sent to a central control system so facility managers can assess the usage of their facility in real-time. User-focused systems also use LED indicators to easily and instantly show drivers which spaces are available.

Our EasyGuide system uses LED indicators above every stall. We’ve designed it to be as easy as possible as for consumers, so a red light above the stall means it’s occupied, while green means it’s available. These indicators are easily visible from a distance, making it easier for drivers to quickly spot and navigate to an available stall. This reduces congestion within the facility, improving traffic flow and garage air quality.

On top of its in-facility guidance functionality, EasyGuide also offers a wealth of data-driven management tools.