We offer comprehensive parking management solutions spanning On-Street Parking Management System, Intelligent Sensor-driven Parking Guidance System and Off-Street Parking Management System or Parking Real Estate Solutions.

Intelligent Transport System

Our Intelligent Transport Systems portfolio entails Traffic Law Enforcement Systems, Traffic Control Systems, Traffic Engineering and Advisory Services.

Security Solutions

We offer Best-In-Class City Surveillance Solutions and Premises Threat Detection Systems.

Software Solutions

We have in-house software development capacity and industry knowledge in the Internet of Things (IoT), Mobility Solutions and Bespoke software projects.

Smart solutions

On-Street parking management system

Parking Solutions

We offer smart parking solution’s from on-street parking, parking guidance system and off-street parking(real estate parking) solutions.

 Traffic controllers

Intelligent Transport System

We offer smart intelligent transport systems for traffic law enforcement, traffic control and traffic engineering and advisory.


Security Solutions

We specialize in smart security solutions from city surveillance, car threat detection systems and baggage scanning equipment.

Signal heads

Software Solutions

We offer smart software solutions in IoT and also specialise in mobility solutions for local government operation and custom software solutions.

Smart solution for everyone

Kerbside parking management system


Off-street parking management system

Shopping Centers

Parking management system


   Parking guidance system


   Parking guidance system


Established in 2008 and has participated in the road safety and parking management industry through equity in various client facing entities. In 2018 Dunamis Emporium took a decision to build solutions for the traffic and parking industry.

The company is led by executives with combined experience spanning over 40 years in pre-payment solutions, parking management, traffic law enforcement and control. We have augmented our capability through strategic alliances with leading Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), industry specialists and solution providers.

Smart Parking sensing technology is leading the way in the delivery of proven, fully integrated, end-to-end solutions, resulting in a transformation of the complete parking experience.


What is A Parking Guidance Systems

WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT PARKING GUIDANCE SYSTEM OPTIONS. The parking industry is transforming. Gone are the days of laying out a huge lot of spaces and letting the consumer have at it. Today, facility managers are working to create a smarter, better...

Video Surveillance for Cities and Towns

As cities and towns expand, security in common areas like parks and downtowns becomes more and more important. A constant stream of consumers and visitors are vital for the success of restaurants and local businesses, and video surveillance is a great...



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